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Charity H. Habeenzu (Mrs)

Charity Habeenzu

Married with 4 children: 3 boys and 1 girl

Bachelor of Science Degree in Biomedical Sciences(BSc)
Masters of Sciences in Public Health (MPH)


A country free of TB/HIV/AIDS and Leprosy through knowledgeable and empowered communities and also to become a centre of excellence in Research and provision of health services in TB/HIV/AIDS/Leprosy in Zambia


“To undertake community case-finding, diagnosis, treatment, care and support, prevention and control of tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and leprosy as well as provide social services, good governance, human rights and gender sensitive to TB/HIV/AIDS/Leprosy clients, Youths and vulnerable children. Also to support and build partnerships with structures that share our vision, values and principles”.

Work Experience in ZATULET

  • The active Founder
  • Gave the name of the organisation:  ZATULET(Zambia Tuberculosis and Leprosy Trust) 
  • First Treasurer for the organisation
  • Director Admin / Programmes from 2001 to August 2012
  • Appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on 1st Sept. 2012


Her main work will be to work towards achieving the goal, vision, Mission and strategic objectives of the organisation together with the staff and build the capacity of the staff to carry and maintain the culture of the organisation. The new CEO has the passion for community work to reduce the suffering of the people infected and affected with TB/HIV/AIDS and Leprosy   including research work

Strategic Objectives

  • To increase intensive case-findings and access to quality TB/HIV screening, diagnosis and treatment (DOTS) in order to enhance early diagnosis and treatment for 5,000 TB suspects by December 2016
  • To mitigate the impact of HIV on OVCs by improving access to basic needs and services such as health, nutrition, education and psychosocial support, protection, HBC, TB and ART among 4,500 OVCs by December 2016
  • To enhance and promote innovative approaches in programming in order to influence governance/ policy improvement and strengthen health systems to bring about integration of services and sustainable improvements in TB, TB/HIV/Leprosy activities
  • To build capacity of community TB Treatment Supporters Volunteers, Health Workers and communities in order to provide high quality services and strengthening TB programming and advocacy communication and Social mobilization strategies that enhances quality service delivery in the communities on TB, TB/HIV/AIDS/Leprosy in Zambia
  • To learn from our activities through effective operational research and carrying out general research activities.
  • To intensify Resource Mobilization strategies through enhancing Income Generation Activities (IGAs) in order to have a strong income base for sustainability purposes.